Terms and Conditions of hire

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings. Please read thoroughly as understanding and agreement of these conditions constitute part of the booking acceptance. If booking on behalf of an organisation or group of people please ensure that everyone involved with the event is aware of this information.


Applications will be treated in order of receipt but the Auckland Indian Association Inc (AIAI) reserves the right to decline application for any booking.

No booking shall be confirmed until the Hirer receives confirmation from the AIAI Complex Manager/President that the booking is accepted and the required payment is received.

The booking fee will be forfeited if the booking is cancelled with less than eight (8) weeks’ notice.

Unless otherwise agreed with the AIAI Complex Manager/ President full payment is required four (4) weeks prior to the hire.

You must vacate the hall at the correct time with all your equipment. Failure to observe this could lead to further charges.

The Hirer is to include in their booking time any set-up and pack-up time that may be required. Should the event continue after the finish time, an additional room hire will be payable at the appropriate rate, pro rata, hourly or parts thereof.

Permanent bookings shall be subject to arrangement with the AIAI Complex Manager/ President.

The Hirer does not have the right to sub-let facilities hired under this agreement.

The Hirer shall not remove any equipment belonging to AIAI from the premises without written authorization from the AIAI Complex Manager/ President.

If it is necessary to make any alterations to stage lighting, only a qualified electrician may complete this work on approval from the AIAI Complex Manager/ President. At the completion of the function the lighting must be returned to its original state and all stage fittings in their original positions.

The Hirer must ensure that all entrances and driveways are kept clear and cars are parked in authorized parking areas only.

If Fire is going to be used in any, rights, rituals or ceremony the flames need to be contained with a vessel, as small as possible (no bigger than 30x30x30). Flammable items must be disposed of sensibly. If this is not complied with any damages resulting from fire damages will be the Hirers responsibility. The AIAI also reserves the rights to extinguish flames not compliant with the criteria.”

The AIAI Complex Manager/ President or his nominee shall have the right of entry at all times.

The AIAI Complex Manager/ President may at his discretion refuse application for hire and may cancel any bookings without assigning any reason.

For bookings Monday-Friday, car parking is available after 5pm.


Fees are payable by cash, cheque or direct credit in advance to the AIAI Complex Manager/ President.

A bond must be paid on acceptance of the booking, together with 50% of the hire charge.

Subject to availability. if you wish the use the Auditorium on Fridays in conjunction with Saturday or Saturday in conjunction with Sunday, there will be an extra charge of $400. Such extra time may only be used for the purpose of decorating the hired facility only. Extra time will be $125 per hour.

For any variation of usage which has not been identified on this hire agreement, The Auckland Indian Association may apply a further charge at the discretion of the Complex Manager through confirmation.

Any booking made more than six months ahead will be charged at the rate applying on the date of the function.

Refund of bond shall only be made if all obligations in the contract documents remain fulfilled, no extra cleaning is required and no damage to the Community Hall or its contents is sustained on inspection by the AIAI Complex Manager after the event, otherwise any applicable costs will be deducted from your bond.

The bond will be refunded within 21 days following the date of hire, subject to full compliance of these conditions.

Pencil bookings need to be confirmed within one week of enquiry by payment of the bond and deposit. Failure to do so will cause the booking to lapse.

Damage And Loss

You will be held solely responsible in respect of any claims arising, or loss, accident, injury or damage to persons sustained in connection with this function.

Any loss or damage to property, furniture, fittings, fixtures, appliances and apparatus in or about the said premises will be charged to you.

No responsibility will be accepted for any damage to or loss of any property you bring to or store on the premises

Nothing is to be driven into or attached in any way to ceilings, walls, floors, furniture or furnishings without prior permission. No writing, painting or disfigurement is to be applied to the walls, ceilings or floors.

You must return all chairs, seating, furnishings or other property to their designated areas.

Nothing to be placed on the Gandhi-Ji Bust or over any of the AIAI Boards in the Foyer area or the AIAI Boards on the left-hand side in the entrance of the Dining Hall

Health and safety

Fire/emergency exit doors must be kept clear from obstruction at all times.

The Hirer is responsible for the provision of first aid facilities during the hire period.

The Hirer is responsible for the provision of a cell-phone for emergency purposes.

The Hirer is responsible for maintaining good order and behaviour in all parts of the premises and grounds in use and will not cause, suffer or permit disorderly conduct or nuisance to arise.

The Hirer will comply with all laws, regulations, bylaws and rules applicable to the operation of the event and the use of the venue, including taking all practicable steps to ensure that the provisions of the Health and Safety Employment Act 1992 are met at all times. The Hirer needs to be able to provide first aid assistance to anyone injured during the term of the hire and this will be the responsibility of the Hirer.

The Hirer needs to be able to provide first aid assistance to anyone injured during the term of the hire and this will be the responsibility of the Hirer.

The Hirer will be responsible for the behaviour of event participants and for ensuring that activities and persons present adhere to the terms and conditions detailed herein.

The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring that the facility is kept secure at all times.

The Hirer will read and understand the fire and emergency evacuation procedures as posted inside the facility.

Smoking is not permitted on the premises

A Fire Warden must be nominated to act in the event of fire. For a larger group there must be one warden to every 100 people.

Permits and consents

You shall obtain and comply with the provisions and necessary approvals, consents and licences from any person, including the Auckland Indian Association Inc, to run the event. The costs of these will be met by the Hirer. This includes music, sound systems and liquor licenses if applicable.

Liquor is permitted subject to compliance with the application for a Special Licence, and that it will remain under the strict control of one responsible adult throughout the booking.

Where sale of food is undertaken the Food and Hygiene Regulations 1974 must be complied with.


You must ensure that all heating and lighting is turned off before you leave. An additional charge may be made if any is left on.

It is your responsibility to check that all outer doors and windows are securely locked when you leave.

If the AIAI Complex Manager/ President is required to call a security guard for any reason you will be billed for any costs incurred.

Cleaning and rubbish

Please ensure that ALL RUBBISH is removed to the allocated bins from the premises and the outside surrounding area.

The total area must be left clean and tidy at the end of booked times.

You must remove all personal equipment and belongings immediately after the function, unless prior approval has been given, within the period of hire.


The Auckland Indian Association Inc reserves the right to cancel any bookings if the hired facility is required for any purposes of urgent maintenance, national or civic nature. In that event all fees will be refunded in full and the event will be rescheduled

Emergency/evacuation procedures

All visitors need to read and be familiar with the following emergency procedures document, and be able to respond to an emergency and evacuate the building safely. Immediate evacuation of all areas of the building is essential upon discovery of a fire or upon the continuous sounding of the fire alarms. In case of fire, or if the fire alarm sounds, the Fire Warden will:

Evacuate all users to the assembly point;

Call 111 and notify the Fire Service that the alarms are sounding at the facility. (Ask for the Fire Service).

Check that no one is left in the building;

Call the AIAI Complex Manager/ President on 027 445 6401 or 021 529 552 to inform him/her that the fire alarm has been activated.

If the AIAI Complex Manager/ President is unavailable then contact the secretary on 027 445 6401 or 021 529 552. Complete a head count for the group – report anyone missing to the Senior Fire Service Officer;

Ensure no person returns to the building until after the all-clear is given by the Fire Service;

Liaise with the Senior Fire Service Officer. Where disabled persons are using the facility the Warden must advise the Fire Officer.

For any booking queries please call Priya Kukreja, Phone: 3772424 or Cell: 021 357 480. Please call between 10am to 5pm (Monday-Friday)