Business Sub-Committee

Business sub-committee was formed in 2011. The aim of the business sub-committee is to provide a platform for business owners and its employees from greater Auckland and its neighbouring areas to discuss their common concerns, exchange their views, share and help each other’s expertise and resources in all business activities.

Business sub-committees’ activities to organise alternate month business forums, lectures inviting prominent business experts mainly from Indian community to learn their progress in their business, success stories, advice and inspiration. These activities attract many young business owners and employees for their networking, developing new contacts and exchanging business ideas.

Sometimes receives business delegates from India and other countries and organises meetings in Mahatma Gandhi Centre on behalf of the Auckland Indian Association, availing an opportunity to exchange of business facilities from both counterparts

Business Sub-committee appeals to young and interested business owners from greater Auckland to join its executive committee for organising inspiring activities.

Dr Lingappa Kalburgi
Chairperson, Business Sub-committee