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Welcome to the Auckland Indian Association Inc.

A vibrant community hub established since 1920 to celebrate and promote Indian culture and heritage within Auckland. Founded with a vision to foster unity and collaboration among the Indian diaspora, our association plays a pivotal role in enhancing cultural understanding and building bridges between the diverse communities of this great city. Our facilities, including the iconic Mahatma Gandhi Centre, serve as a gathering place for celebrations, events, and meetings, reinforcing our commitment to community engagement and multicultural exchange. Join us as we continue to celebrate our heritage and contribute positively to the multiculture of Auckland. Whether you are of Indian descent or simply interested in learning more about our culture, Auckland Indian Association Inc. welcomes you with open arms.

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Auckland Indian Association Inc and Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Trust

Our foundation members arrived in the early 1900’s traveling by boat form india. these few, had one common denominator, being Indian, and over time became like family, supporting, teaching and helping one another.

These objectives continue through the caretakers of our volunatary society. We support our heritage and continue to add value to Auckland, New Zealand...

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